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Scott Baio slams upcoming ‘Happy Days’ reunion, John Stamos


Scott Baio slams upcoming virtual 'Happy Days' reunion and John Stamos

October 22, 2020

“Happy Days” alum Scott Baio is speaking out against the sitcom’s virtual reunion.

Baio, who played Chachi, spoke to Fox Business'"Mornings with Maria" on Wednesday and didn’t hold back.

An outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, Baio called the cast reunion – which doubles as a fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin – a “little bizarre.”

"I'm not on board, obviously, because I don't believe in socialism and Marxists," he told the host.

He also explained he’s not in favor of the reunion because it doesn’t stand for the American values represented in the ‘50s-set sitcom.

He explained he believes the show "represented traditional American values, good morals" and "a slice of Americana."

Baio didn’t stop there as he even took issue with “Full House” alum, John Stamos, who offered to sub in for the role of Chachi in the upcoming reunion.

"I think Stamos always wanted to be Chachi instead of playing second fiddle to a 3-year-old," Baio explained taking aim at Stamos’ role as the hunky Uncle Jesse.

He added: "It's good to know that Stamos is part of the Hollywood elite Marxist crap."

A rep for Stamos did not respond to Fox Business.

On October 19, after the reunion was announced, Stamos threw himself into the running, tweeting: “Can I play Chachi?”

Baio then clapped back with a snarky response, writing, “Shouldn’t you be taking care of Aunt Becky?” The comment was in reference to Stamos’ co-star, Lori Loughlin, who was involved in the college admissions scandal and sentenced to two months in prison.

Fan-favorites Henry Winkler (Fonzie), Ron Howard (Richie Cunningham), Don Most (Ralph Malph), Anson Williams (Potsie Weber), Marion Ross (Marion Cunningham), and writer Lowell Ganzbrb are set to appear during the reunion on Sunday, October 25 at 6 p.m. CT.

Fans can make a donation of at least $1 to tune into a night of fan-questions, behind-the-scenes stories, and some surprises.

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